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How To Care For Your Dog's Bed?

How To Care For Your Dog's Bed?

on June 27, 2024

Just like we cherish our favorite spots for comfort and familiarity, our furry companions feel the same sense of care and security with their beds. It is like their version of a favorite place where they can relax and unwind after a long day or whenever they please.

Some love to curl up in their cozy beds, and some prefer to rest and recharge. With that said, it's only fair to keep their favorite spot as clean and cozy as ours. After all, a little TLC for a dog bed goes a long way for our doggo's comfort, care, and hygiene.

Let's roll up our sleeves and follow these tips to care for our dog's bed as much as we care for them.

Regular Maintenance Of A Dog Bed

Regularly cleaning a dog's bed doesn't need to become a hectic daily chore. It can be a part of our lifestyle. With a few simple steps, cleaning becomes easy, and we achieve a clean and pleasant-smelling doggy bed.

Here's how to work on it step-by-step.

  • Brush off your dog's bed every day to remove settled dust particles on the surface. Fluffing it frequently is equally effective. It distributes the padding of the bed evenly and keeps it plush and inviting.
  • Keep a close eye to detect stains, spills, or spots caused by accidents. Clean them promptly with a pet-safe detergent or mild stain remover. You can choose to wipe them, if necessary, with antibacterial wipes. Allow the cleaned area to dry.
  • Using a washable dog bed is yet another easy option. These beds are easy to clean by hand or tumble down a machine. Cleaning is done effortlessly in no time. You can follow the manual instructions and use mild detergents to remove dirt, dander, pet hair, and stains.
  • Vacuum cleaners are incredibly effective when deep cleaning dog beds to remove tangled hair, embedded debris, and dirt. Use a handheld or attached vacuum cleaner to accumulate dog fur along creases and around the corners.
  • Air drying the dog bed helps bust ingrown molds and naturally disinfects the surface. Taking the bed out on a sunny day also removes unpleasant odors and eliminates breeding germs and bacteria.

Hand Clean Or Machine Washable Dog Bed

Hand washing a dog bed is a viable option, though the best dog beds are the ones with removable covers. Use the following steps to hand-clean your dog's bed:

  • Start by shaking off the dust on the bed to remove surface dirt, loose hair, and debris.
  • Spot the visible stains and treat them with pet-safe cleaners. Use a gentle brush to scrub dirty patches.
  • Fill a tub with mild warm water and add a generous amount of detergent, as the cleaning instructions suggested. Swirl the mixture to create a lather.
  • Soak the bed in soap water, apply gentle pressure, and rinse it thoroughly. Apply extra efforts to clean any spoiled or stained areas.
  • Once cleaned, squeeze the bed to get rid of excess water, and air dry in a well-ventilated area. Avoid using a dryer, as it can cause heat damage and shrink the dog bed.

Machine washing a dog bed is convenient, and it takes the slightest effort to keep it clean and fresh. Following these steps can quickly achieve effective results while machine washing.

  • Check for the care label. Some dog beds may not be fit for machine washing, while others may require certain guidelines to be followed for a machine wash.
  • Remove the bedding cover, if any. Also, consider removing removable filling, padding, or stuffing before tossing the bed into the washing machine.
  • Treating the stains beforehand is always a necessity to ensure thorough cleaning. Rub the stains and let them sit for a while before washing.
  • Use mild detergents that don't leave behind residues after washing and tumbling.
  • Reassemble the contents after washing. Unzip the bed and stuff it with its padding and filling.

Deep Cleaning Strategies

Dealing with different stains requires different cleaning strategies. Dog stains are caused due to a number of reasons. Effective stain removal ensures cleaner fabrics and a healthier dog. Carry out these ideas to work effectively on stains and deep cleaning of dog beds.

Dirt and mud stains

If you spot dirt or mud on your dog's bed, let it dry completely. Now, use a brush to loosen the dirt and scrub it off the bed. You can also vacuum clean it as an alternative.

Pre-treat the dirt stain with detergent and wash the bed or cover as usual.

Urine stains

Use a clean cloth or paper towel to blot the urinated area as much as possible. Treat the stain with a pet-safe cleaner to neutralize the acid and odor. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda is an effective homemade solution for the problem.

Wash the region with cold water and let it dry for better results.

Fecal stains

Fecal stains can be challenging to deal with. Use a spoon or plastic scraper to scrape out solid feces. With the help of a clean cloth, blot the affected region. Use water with white vinegar as a cleaning solution. It helps get rid of tough stains. Also, sprinkle a good amount of baking soda to avoid a foul smell.

Finally, rinse the spot with water and dry it properly before returning to use.

Long-Term Upkeep

Long-term care and upkeep of your pooch's bed are crucial in many ways. Properly maintained beds ensure longevity and comfort, and your dog will experience a safe and sound sleeping environment.

Establish a regular cleaning routine. Reduce spots and stains, debris, and loose dog hair through vacuuming. Use preventive measures to avoid wear and tear. Water-proof or water-resistant covers are always ideal for your playful furry pet.

Plus, checking and replacing the bed filling can help prevent unevenness and avoid flattening or loosening the bed surface. Taking out the dog bed periodically and soaking it in the sun can never go wrong. Allowing the dog bed to absorb sunlight and fresh air will keep it from germs and bacterial infestation.


Beds are an indispensable part of a dog's routine. Keeping them clean and fresh is a way to incorporate comfort and quality into your pet's life. With proper care and effective techniques, your pooch can enjoy a cozy retreat that contributes to their health and happiness.

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