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How To Use The Scoop O Nama — The Best Pooper Scooper In Town!

How To Use The Scoop O Nama — The Best Pooper Scooper In Town!


As responsible pet parents, we know that hygiene isn't just a concern restricted to our homes—it extends to our outdoor spaces too. Cleaning up after our furry friends may not be the most glamorous task, but it's crucial for community well-being and environmental hygiene. 

At the end of the day, it's about more than just keeping sidewalks clean and parks pristine; it's about caring for each other's health and preserving the beauty of our shared spaces. And for that, you need the best tool in town for the job, a pooper scooper that’s foldable, adjustable, and gets the task at hand done, discreetly and quickly, 

Enter Scoop O Nama.

In this blog, we're diving into Scoop O Nama – the scoop of all scoops when it comes to cleaning up doggy business. We'll spill the beans on why it's hailed as the top dog in the pooper scooper world and why everyone's talking about it. Let's scoop up the details and get to the bottom of this tail-wagging tool! 

What is Scoop O Nama?

Scoop O Nama is not your regular pooper scooper. It is a one-of-its-kind solution for pet waste management that effectively helps you eliminate dog waste. No matter how unpleasant the task of picking up after your dog is, you can always rely on Scoop O Nama. It makes picking after your dog much easier and less messier than using those old-school shovels and plastic bags. 

This innovatively designed dog poop scooper is convenient to use and efficient in dog waste pickup. Whether you are a small pup parent or a large breed dog owner, dog waste clean-up becomes faster and more hygienic with this product.  

The best part about Scoop O Nama? Innovative features, comprehensive design, sturdy handle, durable material, and wide scoops— it's built to last. Now, the toughest messes are easy to manage. Its foldable handle is a USP here, making it easier to adjust to your length. So, no more awkward bending and straining your back. Just unfold, and you are ready to scoop the poop!

And let's not forget the chic design. Scoop O Nama comes with a bone-shaped poly bag dispenser that adds an element of fun and style to the dog poop scooper. It contains 30 disposable plastic bags for whenever you are out and about. 

How To Use Our Pooper Scooper? 

Using Scoop O Nama is a pretty simple task that rarely takes any of your time. It provides a straightforward cleaning process that ensures effective dog waste removal and complete hygiene. 

Here's how to use the best dog pooper scooper in a few easy steps.

  • Prepare the dog poop scooper
  • Before you begin, make sure you have everything you will need. 

    Thankfully, with Scoop O Nama, you are all set from the get-go. It already comes with a set of 30 disposable bags, so you won't have to go through the hassle of getting them separately. 

    Just slide the lock up to unfold Scoop O Nama and achieve its maximum length. Take a disposal bag from the bag dispenser and position it on the head of the poop scooper. Now your tool is ready for quick and easy poop removal.

  • Approach the waste
  • Locate the area where your pup has done their business. Approach the waste carefully so you do not step on it or smear it on the ground.

    For convenience, you can choose a specific area where your dog can relieve themselves, such as a park, lawn, backyard, or any other designated spot your dog prefers. This would make the clean-up process quicker, as you won't have to worry about finding the place where your dog has done their business. 

  • Scoop the poop!
  • Place a plastic bag over the scooper's head and tighten the handle to pick up the waste, allowing the head to open wide and collect it all. Once the waste is gathered, loosen your grip on the handle. Remember to be swift and gentle while scooping to avoid smudging the waste on the ground or sticking it to your feet.

  • Dispose of the waste
  • Now that all the dog poop has been collected in the disposal bag tie the waste bag properly to avoid it from spilling. This would also prevent any leakage and bad odor from spreading. 

    Dispose the waste bag appropriately to prevent the spreading of germs. You can directly throw the bag into the dumpster or put it in a trashcan. 

  • Clean the scooper
  • Pet waste contains bacteria and other pathogens that are harmful to all. You wouldn't want these germs to linger any longer. 

    That's why it's crucial to give your Scoop O Nama some TLC every few days to keep those germs at bay. Simply dip it in water with a gentle soap solution to wash away any nasties lurking on the surface, then give it a thorough rinse and let it air dry. 

    For extra germ-fighting power, you can also use antibacterial wipes to ensure every nook and cranny of the scooper stays squeaky clean, preventing those pesky microbes from spreading. A little maintenance goes a long way in keeping your Scoop O Nama—and your surroundings—fresh and germ-free!

  • Store the poop scooper
  • Place the cleaned dog poop scooper in a dry and hygienic place for future use. Storing is easy with Scoop O Nama. You just need to slide the lock and fold the handle. It is easily manageable and can be placed anywhere without consuming much space. 

    Following these simple steps will help you get rid of your dog's waste in a convenient yet effective manner. 


    Congratulations! You're a pro now. Using a dog poop scooper to manage pet waste is not just good for you but also for your environment. When you are armed with the best pooper scooper, and the knowledge to use it, you will always be well-prepared for the times your dog needs to relieve themselves. So, get your Scoop O Nama today and start scooping!

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