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Anal Gland Chews

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Anal Gland Chews

Gland Giggles, Chewy Wiggles

Treat your beloved pup to our delightful anal gland chews specially crafted for their comfort. Bursting with goodness, these chewables are your furry friend's ticket to endless tail wags and carefree play. Say goodbye to icky discomfort and hello to joyful bounces – because when your pup's glands are smiling, their world is a happier place!

Nutrient-Rich Support

Pumpkin Seed firms up the situation down under with the power of pumpkin! It not only aids in smoother scoots but also packs a nutrient-rich punch, promoting overall digestive health.

Reduced Swelling And Enhanced Nutrient Absorption

Reduces swelling and discomfort in anal glands while aiding in protein digestion for improved nutrient absorption. This ensures your dog gets the most out of their meals.

Gut Health And Immunity Boost

Balance your dog’s intestinal flora for better digestion and gland function. Probiotics also boost the immune system and overall gut health, ensuring your pup feels their best every day.

Healthier Stool Consistency

Boosts fiber content for healthier stool consistency, aiding in the natural expression of anal glands. This helps ensure your pup is comfortable and free from gland-related issues.

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What are anal gland chews for dogs?

They're like little superheroes for your dog's behind, packed with ingredients to keep those anal glands happy and healthy!

How do anal gland chews work?

Think of them as tiny wizards, sprinkling magical ingredients that help your dog's bottom function smoothly and comfortably.

Why might my dog need anal gland chews?

Sometimes, our beloved pups need a little extra TLC in the backside department to avoid any uncomfortable scooting and keep everything running as smoothly as a well-oiled machine.

How often should I give my dog anal gland chews?

Just like a daily hug, these chews are best given according to the instructions or advice from your friendly neighborhood vet.

Are anal gland chews safe for all dogs?

They're like puppy cuddles – usually safe and delightful, but it's always wise to check with your vet to make sure they're right for your fur baby.

Can anal gland chews prevent my dog from needing manual expression?

While they work their magic, they might not banish the need for manual expression entirely. But they'll sure give your pup's rear end a helping paw!

Do anal gland chews have any side effects?

Sometimes, like trying a new dance move, they might cause a little tummy rumba. Keep an eye on your furry friend and adjust if needed!

At what age can I start giving my dog anal gland chews?

Once your pup is ready for treats, these magical chews can join the party! But it's always good to consult with your vet, especially for our littlest and oldest pals.

Are there any alternatives to anal gland chews?

Besides these delightful chews, there's also the power of fiber-rich foods, exercise, and tail-wagging fun. Just chat with your vet to pick the best options for your doggo!

How long does it take to see results from anal gland chews?

Like planting seeds in a garden, results may take a little time to blossom. Some pups feel better in a few weeks, while others might need a bit more time to strut their stuff with confidence.

Can anal gland chews help with anal gland infections?

These chews are more like wellness warriors than infection fighters. If there's a battle with an infection, it's best to recruit the help of your trusted vet!

Do anal gland chews have a flavor that dogs enjoy?

You betcha! It comes in a tasty duck flavor that makes your pup's tail wag with delight. It's like a flavor explosion for their taste buds!

Can anal gland chews cause allergies in dogs?

They're crafted with love and care, but it's always smart to check the ingredients if your pup has sensitive taste buds. We wouldn't want any sneezy snouts or itchy paws!

Are anal gland chews suitable for all dog breeds?

Just like there's a perfect chew for every pooch, these magical chews are suitable for most breeds. But it's essential to consider your pup's unique needs and size!

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